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What is p1

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P3s are reviewed whar — work can be scheduled ;1 normal business hours and expected to trump regular sprint planned development. P4s are reviewed daily, separately from forward moving development — what is p1 are inserted into the current sprint planned development to skip scheduling, however they will not be expected to trump the current sprint order. Every from a customer automatically marks the corresponding case as needing attention and moves the case to a specific queue.

At each priority level we have individual case statuses that allow our staff to quickly see whether the case is waiting for input from us or from the customer, or indeed from a 3rd party. Priority 2 cases are issues that require resolution in what is p1 timely manner, and form the vast bulk of the incidents we work on for our customers.

Priority 3 cases are for matters that by their very nature are si of immediate impact to a customer, or where we expect or have been informed that responses from a customer will be delayed. Priority 1 cases are for severe impact what is p1 within a customer, typically widespread LAN or WAN network failures, or issues ificantly hampering normal operation for multiple staff.

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Homeflow serves thousands of agency offices, from national networks to regional chains and local independents. Any engineer can mark any js for post-mortem at any point in the life of a case.

P1 cases may also have been escalated from a lower priority if they have been unresolved for a prolonged amount of time, fallen out of SLA, or subject to requested escalation by the customer or activereach. We may also place a case at priority 4 if a customer has a resolved issue but we are working what is p1 understanding the root cause. Minor sub issues are occuring.

Each case has the time spent tracked against it and any changes to a case are audit logged. For clarity, mails sent directly to our support engineers, or in some cases directly to your managers, but which are themselves requests os support, technical queries, or seeking advice, are on most occasions forwarded to the support case system and are treated as though they are support incidents.

Cases are opened automatically at priority 2 and can be adjusted by a support engineer at any point through their life towards resolution. P-1 missilea Soviet cruise missile P-1 submarinea fictional patrol craft in the animated TV series Marine Boy Papyrus 1also known as P1, P1, or P 1, an early papyrus copy of part of the New Testament Walther P1, an aluminum-framed variant of what is p1 Walther P38 pistol Disambiguation providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term This disambiguation lists articles associated with the same title formed as a letter- combination.

This includes checks for elapsed time and cases that are without updates js our internal timescales. Homeflow creates award-winning websites and innovative lead-generation tools to help UK estate agents succeed online.

These cases are escalated within our business so that we have both technical, commercial, and managerial resources focused on minimising the impact to our customer. For cases that require a post-mortem we will feedback to the customer any changes that are required to either prevent the matter from occurring or that might have assisted in the resolution what is p1. We have internal metrics and procedures to check individual cases regularly to minimise the time to resolution at all priorities.

We place cases in queues either by specific engineer or by specific team, but additionally every engineer can see cases that have had a response from a customer and that require attention. Mails sent directly to support engineers or your manager are outside of 1p normal SLAs as they are not monitored in the same way as those sent to our support address.

Priority 4 cases are information only cases or those that we know are for future events. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Mails to support are directly passed to our support case system, and you will get an automatic message confirming receipt and providing you with a case.