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Smoking ethylphenidate findings suggest that the already increasing use ethylphsnidate pharmaceuticals eg, methylphenidate and modafinil for such purposes 10 — 12 has been extended to include the novel substance ethylphenidate. Users depicted it as being very awake with a clear and silent mind: I was lucid and mentally sharp as a laser beam.

Braun V, Clarke V. A few users also felt listless and lethargic. Other less common routes of administration were vaporizing, oral or anal ingestion, and intramuscular or intravenous injections. The most common method was insufflation, but several other ways were described as well.

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Luxembourg: European Commission; All editorial decisions made by independent academic editor. Clin Toxicol.

JAMA Pediatr. Adolescent cybersurfing for health information: a new resource that crosses barriers. Users described how they prepared themselves by hydrating the body with water and scheduled their food intake smoking ethylphenidate the upcoming drug use. Although novel, legally ambiguous, and easily available online, it emerged as a highly potent recreational drug with psychostimulant properties and imminent harm potential.

The frequently occurring s of social support, precautions, and advice testify to a counterbalancing safety-first-oriented mentality, which is supported by the findings in earlier studies of online drug discussion characteristic. The average insufflation dose appeared to be 40 mg, although doses in between 10 and mg were reported. It was also common to alert others of the experienced side effects and other pitfalls that users had experienced.

The Gallup Organization. Prior to publication all authors have given ed confirmation of agreement to article publication and compliance with all applicable ethical and legal requirements, including the accuracy of author and contributor information, disclosure of competing interests and funding sources, compliance with ethical requirements relating to human and animal study participants, and compliance with any copyright requirements ehylphenidate third parties.

They also described how their mindset had a jittery disposition, and how the ability to focus and concentrate smokiny ificantly lowered. Legal controls on cannabimimetics: an international dilemma? It was evident that the users of ethylphenidate were motivated by a pursuit of an equivalent alternative to both traditional drugs and recently classified NPS: The search for a descent Mephedrone substitute is over!

In addition, an increase in self-confidence was commonly described. Although some used ethylphenidate as a tool for studying or concentration, it was more commonly used as a means of recreation: I wanted ethylphenicate to smoking ethylphenidate entertaining and it was. The frequent experience of chasing the high reflects both the harm potential of ethylphenidate as well as its consistency with structurally similar substances such as amphetamine and methylphenidate, which are well known for their psychostimulant effects and high abuse potential.

Gibbons S. Interestingly enough, the analysis confirmed that users intentionally searched for a smlking and accessible alternative to a of classified counterpart drugs.

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In addition, users reported general muscle tension, jaw-clenching, and involuntary grinding of their soking. Another ordeal type of experience appeared to be the administration of the drug. Nord Stud Alcohol Drugs. On the contrary, it was common that users experienced less and less satisfaction with each redose.

Ethylphenidate hydrochloride

Other common reactions accompanying the above were heightened body temperature and profuse sweating: I felt pressure near my nasal passages, a burning face and floods of sweat. These effects, along with classic psychostimulant symptoms such as sleep deprivation and suppressed appetite, 14 give further support to the notion of ethylphenidate as a highly potent NPS. Successive doses were increased in attempts to overcome tolerance and produce the desired effects, which was smoking ethylphenidate achieved.

This highlights the ly described dilemma of regulatory action, 8 as it may propel the emergence and usage of yet ethylphenivate new and unpredictable NPS. ethylphenidtae


The onset, ethlyphenidate, and decay of the effects varied ificantly between users and the method of administration. There were also descriptions of unconscious gurning, bodily tremors, and shakiness.

No terms of access restricted the experience reports from public access. This was also portrayed as the emergence of a strong smoking ethylphenidate of empathy, compassion, and love for others: Felt an overwhelming empathy for my brother in law.

“chasing the high” – experiences of ethylphenidate as described on international internet forums

Upon submission manuscript was subject to anti-plagiarism scanning. Users stated that they hugged each other and showed respect for each other in ly unfamiliar ways. The analysis of 44 self-reports involving the use of ethylphenidate generated coded elements of meaningful information, which were arranged into 45 of recurring characteristics. LoGiCal reference smokong are ideal for calibration and control in the measurement of drugs, metabolites and related substances.

Limited use of novel psychoactive substances in South London nightclubs. J Clin Psychopharmacol. The exclusion of reports based on poly-drug use may have limited the in the sense that it does not represent the whole community of users. The of negative judgments was smoking ethylphenidate equal to the of positive judgments.