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Pinkies hyperactive chat

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If she is up for playing in costumes for role playing that would be even better (like wearing a sexyslutty business dress suit if she wants to play a secretary or intern, for example). Hgperactive non-scene and not into clubs and bars so, dating like-minded men is quite challenging hence my internet attempt.

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Are you crazy? Just trying to learn the controls and all first, though.

I was thinking this could work with Pinkie. The game looks awesome! She works at the Sugarcube corner as a baker, and owns a pet alligator named Gummy.

Search Interest. This aspect of her chracter is ussed in many pieces of fanwork.

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However, I will not uses Anon as the author's name because I have never met anybody who would name their child Anon. The fanfiction proved popular yet controversial among fans, who created an alternate interpretation of the chractater based on her appearance in the fanfiction. No or anything else required.

I want a Ponyville! Cupcakes fanfiction Cupcakes is a horror-themed Friendship is Magic fanfiction in which Pinkie Pie sadistically tortures her friend Rainbow Dash to death, upon which she proceeds to bake her into cupcakes.

Only bad thing is, Pinkkies stuck as a pink pony with a blue mane I don't like the colours together Name's Legulus there. So, that and another chapter of something bad is coming down is in the works however the story idea will likely be filed away because. Pinkies hyperactive chat is an earth pony with a pink color scheme, a balloon cutie mark, and a hyperactive, "wacky" personality.

She is portrayed as a fairly strange character known for her hyperactivity, prankster nature, and her ability to seemingly betray the law of physics via "cartoon physics". Edit: Figures out how to edit mane and linkies There are 10 types of people in this world; those who understand binary and those that don't Thanks to Jenzy for mah avatar.

I can't wait until they put more into it. This one was spawned from the 9gag post about writing a book where the character falls in love with the author.

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