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Mekhong whiskey

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So finally inboth sides of the Mekong River belonged again to Thailand. The Whiskey Perhaps the only aspect of Mekhong Whiskey that is anything like real whiskey is the orange-amber color.

Mekhong spirit of thailand liqueur ml

Buy some! War had broken out in Europe and Japan was pressuring The Kingdom to give its troops free passage through the country.

Mekhong is distilled, blended, and bottled at the Bangyikhan Distillery on the outskirts of Bangkok. In those days, the mekhong whiskey drink was imported whiskey mixed with soda. There are countless transliterations like that. If you've been to Thailand jekhong know why!! I love its taste.

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Mekhong is obviously not a whiskey nor even remotely mekhong whiskey and has never claimed to be one. I usually drink Jim Beam but considering the price of the Mekhong I have no whisiey in continuing to drink it. Chiang Choon was a 56 proof spirit and drank by working class Thais. The dark sweetness of the sugar cane is a clear corollary to rums and bourbons, while its abundance of botanicals and spices makes it kin to gin.

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The flavor is bittersweet orange and ginger, with mrkhong tinge of artificiality about it. Mekhong was developed and first produced by the government of Thailand for economic and political reasons. At a minimum, it is mixed with mekhong whiskey and water. Stagg, Eagle Rare, Whiskkey Handy and other rare bourbon, we have whiskey lotteries that you can take part in. I love my ladyboy in a bottle. Inthe Siamese government back then the country was called Siamdesperate for money, took control of Bangyikhan Distillery.

You get exactly what the label claims.

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It's never given me a hangover either. The distilled spirit is then blended with indigenous herbs and spices to produce its aroma and taste.

Strong enough to get good and drunk. Get the difference? The bartender looked in my direction. The Thai government decided to brand their new booze with the name Mekhong.

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It was further developed into a "special blended spirit" which could be enjoyed neat or with a mix of soda. They know the difference between imported whiskeys and Thai whiskey. Under the government of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram, Thailand demanded that four provinces located on the right side mekhong whiskey the Mekong River be returned from French occupation. Notice the old Mekhong ad left and its upscale branding.

This imported whiskey resulted in a substantial loss of income to the country each year. The concession agreement expired in during the reign of King Prajadhipok. I first drank this in Thailand and I love it.

Tariffs were unthinkable as that would be economic suicide getting into a trade war with Europe. It takes you back to a time that no longer exists. Mekhong was not the first hard liquor produced in The Kingdom.


As for spirit distribution, the department continued with the concession and appointed wholesalers for each area. She lingered for a moment after putting the shot in front of my nose. There was an immediate market and demand for Whjskey, not the least reason was that World War II all but cut off imports of the European whiskey competitors. It's sweet and a touch roasty. This song was created to remind Thai people of these four provinces so that they would always be remembered as a part of Thailand.

So inthe government devised a strategy to fight back against the Whiksey whiskey imports. The Kham Khong whisey was very popular and avidly instilled a patriotic sense into the hearts of Thai people. They also knew from a branding angle that producing a Thai spirit with a uniquely Thai taste would set their new product apart from any mekhong whiskey.

Later, the Excise Department concocted another blended spirit using herbs combined with a traditional medicated liquor recipe.

Mekhong (spirit)

Before Mekhong there was Chiang Choon. Mekhong is most closely akin to a rum with a little rice whiskey blended in. Such a dramatic effect influenced the Excise Department to use "Mekhong" to mfkhong the degree special blended spirit that was newly produced in I first drank Mekhong 30 years and 2 months ago. The Department then cancelled the concession for spirit distillation and distribution before taking over the spirit production on 1 April There was some suggestion back then of it being laced with opium and that might be right considering some of the strange behaviour we got up too.