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Burp fetish forums

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If you can send me an email and provide me with a pic, we will talk. Just waiting for a friend in a lonely world. I am a MWM waiting for a woman to text with and write with and on occasion share some intimacy with. Ddf male waiting for any age race height for ongoing thing. ~~Friends with Benefits~~ m4w I burp fetish forums a attractive white male that fourms interested in dating a attractive ofrums woman that would like to have a friends with benefits relationship.

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If you are into male belches definitely check that story out!

Then, making a face for a second and patting her belly, she blasted out a massive belch that went on for 7 or 8 seconds. Someone on the new forums has already brought this concern up to the mods so hopefully that will be a deterrent from that sort of abhorrent behavior.

Just another site

I would have no idea how to find a guy who can burp. My assertion that it is one of the least commonplace comes from the fact there is perhaps unsurprisingly absolutely nothing in the academic or torums literature on burping fetishism.

Secondly, the online confessions were made both heterosexuals and homosexuals. One book chapter I read on sexual response in a book on human sexuality by Dr.

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Journal of Sex Research, 36, I managed to find a small but sizable of online admissions relating to burp fetishes. In sexual behaviour more generally, hearing quite clearly influences sexual arousal and response. One thing I am seriously hoping that the new version of the forums cracks down on hard is the posting and sharing of burp fetish forums featuring minors.

It took me a little while to adjust at first and figuring out how exactly you navigate it but, I think I have the hang of it now. Andrew Miracle and Roy Baumeister reported some interesting studies on the role of sound in sexual arousal. All of these are arguably connected with the consumption of foodstuffs so perhaps the overlaps are not that surprising.

Impress me! Tina Miracle, Dr.

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I can burp pretty good, and I also have a fetish for burping girls. But this goes for any fetish. Thought I was alone burp fetish forums that one, actually! Volunteer bias in human psychophysiological sexual arousal fetiwh To whom do our research apply? Is it too much to ask to have a boyfriend to fulfill your fetish, and if not, how would you go about dropping the bomb to your boyfriend [or] girlfriend?

A gassy heaven — how do you like the new burp fetish forums?

She said "No problem! She had a deep, sultry voice that I found sexy, but definitely not traditionally girly, played tackle football with the neighborhood guys and weighed enough to drop most of the guys pretty quickly when she tried to tackle them!

Although these online admissions surrounding the sexiness of burping are short, if true they lead to some immediate conclusions. However, judging by the extracts I collated below, this is not the case with everyone.

How do you like the new burp fetish forums? It was pretty amazing, if absolutely NOT something you'd expect to hear out of a girl's mouth! In particular, I suppose it has to be a girl who I find attractive in the first place.


She also loves to listen to my tummy while I digest what she has fed me. The only other fetishes that I have come across where there is some overlap burp fetish forums sneeze fetishists that also have a burp fetish, and paraphilic infantilism i. I think it is highly unlikely fetizh they will ever be as big or as active as the old forum was in its prime but, hopefully this new site can slowly build up a sizeable community.

Ubrp she'd compete in eating contests with them too, and hold her own if not win. I told her I'd love to see her do it. Furthermore, I was only able locate one online forum that appeared to be solely dedicated to the sexual side of burping — check out the Burp Fetish Forums website.

However, all of these identified overlaps are anecdotal and not based on any scientific or clinical research. I definitely saw that on the fetissh forums and it always gave me pause and disgusted me. Firstly, the online confessions came from both men and women. Interestingly, this extract makes a point of noting that burping during sex would be one of the worst sounds to hear in a sexual situation.

However, silence might be fotums to some other sounds, such as your partner burping during an embrace or the ringing of the phone.

Inside the world of the burping fetish community

I think they are alright so far. Not necessarily a "stuffer", but just perpetually hungry and liked eating large portions.

Thanks again for the ask! Although these collected clips may be sexually arousing to a burp fetishist, I guess most people who watch them do so because they find them amusing.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Plaud, J. Share this:. When we were hanging out one time, she burp fetish forums mentioned she could drink whole 2 liter bottles of sodas in a sitting. My first ask! I ought to also mention that on YouTube there are dedicated collections of people burping on camera. The girl has to be attractive not super ultra hot, but that would be niceand I find it extremely erotic if they can out belch me. Keep em coming guys :3 I assume you are referring to Burp Fetish Forums?

The new forums are still very new and it will probably take a little time for them to be more active. Natasha was a big, busty 22 year old black girl and a really big eater. She was more of a tomboy than a "girly girl" type